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Hi. I didn’t mean to intrude on your scrolling but I think you’re beautiful.

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I hate when this happens

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Odd dreams

Last night I had a series of curious dreams, a number of them involving one of my sisters.  The dreams were extremely vivid.  The only way I knew I was dreaming was because I couldn’t smell a thing.  The first dream was about her safety, the second was about a missing tail, and the last one was where she was angry or frustrated and she took it out on me.  I told her in the dream that I still love her and she demanded to know why then she proceeded to tell me that I was the least loved by anyone and that the only reason I was kept around was because of what little bit of money I have. 

I realize that dreams are but echoes of thought that get either distorted or focused while asleep.  It was just an extremely curious set of dreams for me, mostly because I don’t normally dream in vivid color and that I seldom dream of family.  I understand the final statement that she made, mostly because that is how I feel most of the time.  I try to make as much time available to be with others as possible I feel like I get brushed away. 

Overall, the smal series of dreams have given me a lot to think about today. 


Prom vs Laser Tag



what if sam gets locked closing the gates of hell

and cas gets locked closing the gates of heaven

and dean is trapped on earth as a restless spirit 

and that’s how the show ends 


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 “Pooh and his friends were given as gifts by author A. A. Milne to his son Christopher Robin Milne between 1920 and 1922. Pooh was purchased in London at Harrods for Christopher’s first birthday. Christopher later gave them to publisher E. P. Dutton, who in turn donated them to the New York Public Library.”

Oh my god. Oh my god.

This is them, guys. This is them. Got chills.

I’m more star struck from this picture, than I have been at any other moment in my life.


oh look a film adaptation of a nicholas sparks novel about two white hetero americans falling in love and holding each others faces

I think I’ve seen this one before.  Doesn’t someone die at the end?

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